Horseshoe taxis return to Reading Station

Horseshoe Taxi Rank

Last December we welcomed the removal of the ‘Horseshoe Taxi Rank’ by the southeast approach to the station forecourt, which allowed cyclists to reach the station forecourt without being forced to weave between arriving and departing taxis.

After the removal the taxi drivers protested, the Council duly listened, and since July the taxis have been back in the horseshoe.

It has been suggested that elderly and disabled people getting off the Heathrow bus and other services on that side had a very long way to walk to get a taxi, hence a relaxation of the original plan.

However, Lead Councillor for Transport Tony Page has said that “the horseshoe taxi rank remains a temporary arrangement and the Reading Taxi Association is clear that is the case.”

If the rank is necessary, then what is the long term plan we wonder? Perhaps the Heathrow bus could be moved to the more spacious north side of the station and the current bus lay-by used for additional cycle parking?

Keith Elliott

RCC Secretary

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