Action on Vastern Road Roundabout accident record


Reading Cycle Campaign calls for action on Vastern Road Roundabout accident record

Cycling Protest Ride on 23 March

Back in 2013 Reading Borough Council ignored Reading Cycle Campaign’s warnings about the redesign of the Vastern Road Roundabout, and it has now become the worst hotspot for accidents across the whole of Reading!

This redesign, in combination with the prohibition on cycling through the station underpass, has led to cyclists taking their lives in their hands in order to get from one side of the railway to the other.

Since 2013 there has been 25 reported accidents resulting in cycling casualties solely at this junction. As a result Reading Cycle Campaign has decided the time has come to protest.

On Saturday 23 March there will be a mass Protest Ride circuiting around the roundabout and through the station underpass between 3pm and 4pm.

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