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The committee manages the day to day affairs of the Reading Cycle Campaign. It gets together at least once a month but sometimes more often. Committee meetings are open but of a more practical and structured nature then the ‘Open Meetings’. We are always looking for new members so get in touch if you have some spare time!

Adrian LawsonChair: Adrian Lawson

I grew up in the east end of London, and have been riding since I was 4. My first practical use of a bike was to get to the river Lea so I could go fishing. I used to lug my gear down the canal towpath at first light and ride home in the dark most weekends.

I personally don’t care for any of the infrastructure or the bizarre cycle network the council provides, I will cheerfully ride on any road in Reading. What motivates me is to make Reading friendly enough towards cyclists that people who currently drive see cycling as a viable option.

Currently the only desire of the council appears to be to paint a bit of a dotted white line, stick up a few stickers, and produce a few leaflets, and tell anyone who’ll listen that they are doing all they can to promote cycling.

Perhaps one day things will be so critical the council will be forced to do something, but while they have a choice it seems that the only force being brought to bear on them to improve is the cycle campaign.

Keith ElliottSecretary: Keith Elliott

I moved to Reading in 1993 and joined the Cycle Campaign shortly afterwards after someone left a leaflet about RCC on my bike. I am currently serving as the campaign’s secretary but have been RBC Campaigning officer for several years before that. I’m a commuter cyclist, rather than leisure rider, and one of my most memorable rides was when we had really bad snow and ice in January 2010 – I could cycle right down the centre of London Road in the rush hour without a car in sight.

Treasurer: Brian Morley

As Treasurer I control the bank account, pay the bills, and keep the score.

Membership Secretary: Vacant


John LeeReading Campaign Officer: John Lee

I am a recently retired highways and traffic engineer specialising in cycling infrastructure for about 20 years. I liaise with Reading Council officers regarding cycling infrastructure proposals and requests. I enjoy cycling and other forms of travel including my rowing boat and vintage car.


Peter HoweWokingham Campaign Officer: Peter Howe

I commute by bike every day from South Wokingham to my job in Warfield, and cycle around town on my 1960’s Raleigh because parking is quicker and easier with a bike.  My enthusiasm for cycling is partly because I spent two years in Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) where over 30% of people cycled to work. Wokingham is flatter, warmer and more compact than there so maybe one day we’ll reach that.

Leendert van HoogenhuijzePublicity Officer: Leendert van Hoogenhuijze

I have joined the committee in 2013 and have done various things to drive the campaign forward. Mostly surrounding website content and social media. While I cycle daily I don’t consider myself a cyclists. I just consider cycling a more sensible mode of transportation then cars in a dense urban environment. Hoping to make Reading safe for cycling by the time my daughter is old enough to cycle.

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Events Officer and CTC Rep: Karen Robertson

Vacant positions:

Newsletter Editor

West Berks Campaign Officer

Web Manager